Automated Workflows
The company Syesta Pro s.r.o. is focused on development of automated workflows for catalogue production
(mounting of catalogue spreads, language versions, pre-press), consultancy within this topic, as well as creating
web pages, web applications and creating & optimising of application’s UI

UX, IxD & UI Architecture
We are implementing for our clients the services in a sphere of interactive design,
user-experience design, concept of the user interface architecture, context analysis and the testing
of the applicability of products and software solutions.





mailContact us:
Miroslav Eberhart | miroslav.eberhart@syesta.com | +420 724 101 527
Aleš Krajíček | ales.krajicek@syesta.com | +420 602 176 608

Syesta Pro s.r.o. | Okružní 819 | 530 03 Pardubice | CZ
IČ: 043 48 281 | DIČ: CZ04348281

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